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On completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Ceramics with a focus on Sculpture, I started my business Designa Cuppa. Designa Cuppa has now been operating for over 25 years. In the early years, I worked mostly on the pottery wheel, hand throwing pieces, pulling handles for mugs, pouring moulds and creating designs for the modern family.

As time went on my business couldn’t keep up with the demand, I then decided to throw my own pieces on the wheel and have them made into moulds. This allowed me to reproduce my pieces in larger quantities.

Today, the majority of my products are Designa Cuppa originals. The clay that I use is also unique to Designa Cuppa. Mixing powdered form clay, I add ‘secret ingredients’ which turn it into a liquid form. Then I use this ‘slip’ to pour my moulds. It becomes strong, durable clay, making my product microwave and dishwasher safe.

My aim has always been to have my customers involved in creating their own piece of artwork. The customer’s involvement entails choosing the piece, the colour combination and the personalization.

Giving birth to my beautiful twins Xavier and Zara in 2005 urged me to concentrate more on bright, eye catching designs and child-friendly ceramic pieces, that children will love to use everyday. I do this by allowing children to be involved in the process of designing their own functional artwork. Children love to choose their design and colour combination.

My reward from this process is their reaction on seeing the finished product they have helped create. They especially love to see their own name on ‘their’ artwork.

I am very proud to know that so many people in Australia and all around the world have my functional artwork in their homes. Opening my kiln is like opening a box of chocolates – a sweet surprise every time. I will never tire of my ‘job’ – I feel so lucky that I can spend every day creating!

I cannot wait to create artwork for you, your family and friends.

Belinda xxx


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